Yet Another Change To Tax Extension Deadlines
IRS extends tax deadline 3 more months, but click here if you need more time for your taxes.
  • Tax deadline for filing and payments, moved to July 15, 2020.
  • People needing more time can still obtain an extension to file for even more time.

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to shake the very foundation of life as we know it, people and governments across the globe continue to consider the effects of this pandemic on society as we know it, and are taking proactive measures to manage the ever changing situation.

To be sure, the threat on human life is very real. As precautions are taken to limit the severity, the financial impact has been extreme. The Department of the Treasury has taken swift action and the unprecedented action of extending the tax payment and filing deadline by 3 months, to July 15th, 2020.

The hope is that this will give U.S. taxpayers more time to adjust to this sudden shift and better prepare their documents.

In such an unstable time, it is likely that 3 months will not be enough for most. For those needing more time, an additional 3 month irs tax extension (totaling 6 additional months), can be added to the deadline to file your return. This can be done by filing form 4868 through the mail or on the web via an authorized efile provider.

For more information, go direct to the source on the Department of Treasury website, or if you need 6 months instead of 3, you can file for an additional tax extension by efiling it with an authorized efile provider from wherever you access the internet.

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