HSA Tax Advantages

Setting aside a few dollars a month for health care expenses can save you thousands on taxes over your lifetime. The tax advantages associated with using an HSA account include: Tax-free contributions Tax-free investment growth Tax-free withdrawals This triple-threat in tax savings can help HSA account owners save tons of money over their lifetime while […]

8 Common Tax Credits

8 Common Tax Credits With tax season upon us, Americans are looking for ways to reduce their overall tax burden and save as much money as possible. While many people focus on claiming as many deductions as possible, tax credits can also go a long way in reducing your overall tax burden. 8 common tax […]

How to Maximize Tax Deductions Through Donations

Every year towards the end of the year you hear about wealthy individuals making extremely generous contributions to charitable foundations. While these donations certainly help the foundations receiving the money, they also benefit the individual donating the funds. You are able to claim charitable donations as a tax deduction when filing your taxes. However, it […]